Château de Puyguilhem

Thirty-four kilometres from Périgueux, discover the elegant Renaissance silhouette of the Château de Puyguilhem.

The monument is open

History of the monument

The elegance of the first Renaissance. A lawyer close to Louise of Savoy, the sister of Frances I of France, Pierre Mondot de la Marthonie became the first president of the Paris Parliament, in 1515. He transformed the stronghold of Puyguilhem, acquired around 1510, into a Renaissance residence decorated with refinement inspired by themes fashionable at the time.

Rescued. Abandoned and pillaged in the 19th century, the château was acquired by the French state in 1939 and returned to its former glory after a long and painstaking restoration headed in exemplary fashion by the Chief Architect of Historic Monuments, Yves-Marie Froidevaux.


To ensure the safety of our visitors, the monument is strictly applying the security measures decided by the french authorities.
The monument is fully opened.

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